Physiotheraphy in Golders Green

Our physiotherapists have assessed, advised and treated over 4000 people from all ages; experiencing problems ranging from the most painful and debilitating ones to minor aches/pains.
We are experts in identifying and diagnosing problems from assessment and history taking even though the complaints are trivial and has not been seen by your doctors. Hillside Physiotherapy believes that prevention is better than cure. A one-off or regular MOT physiotherapy will prevent a minimal discomfort develops into a fully blown disorder.

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Kooi Westgeet-Teoh

Kooi Westgeest-Teoh has dedicated all her life thriving to be the best physiotherapist/acupuncturist/clinical Pilates instructor.
In 1985, Kooi started training to become a physiotherapist at Sydney University-Australia. She graduated in Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy in 1989. Upon graduation, she continued working for 2 years in Australia’s outback to further consolidate and widen her skills in various challenging clinical settings.

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